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Deserts have influenced and inspired the human spirit for thousands of years. The colors of a fiery desert sunset giving way to an expansive, starry sky; the brilliance of a creature or tree evolved to absorb moisture from nothingness; the feeling of the first rays of the sun on a cold morning coming over the wall of a towering canyon. Adventurers, dwellers, and poets around the world and throughout time have all found in the desert a sacred and inspiring place to encounter themselves and the natural world. And so we are excited to embark on our own desert journey; one which we hope you will share with us.

Introducing Erem: the desert outdoor wear company (starting with footwear; apparel coming soon). 

Erem begins on a hike deep in the desert wilderness (this one, among the red rock of the Colorado Plateau). Pausing on a cliff to soak in the vista unfolding below, we sat down with our backs against the rock. Looking up at the shadow slowly consuming the canyon wall across us, and then down at our hot and sweaty feet, wrapped in layers of plastic, synthetics, and water-proofing (otherwise known as conventional hiking boots), we did a small double-take.





A question slowly began to grow and take hold: why were there no outdoor products made for the landscape we were experiencing? Why were there no outdoor wear companies for the desert?

Some time went by, but we couldn’t let the question go. Instead, we conferred with other people who live and breathe the desert. People whose mission in life is to advocate for the desert; people who orient themselves around desert adventure and whose artistic muse is the desert—and people who love the desert, even if it is from a desktop monitor somewhere deep in an office complex. 

What did we uncover? That by no means were we the only ones with the question. Turns out there were quite a few other folks who’ve wondered why there was no desert outdoor wear company. So enough was enough, and we decided to do something about it. Enter Erem — a company whose mission is to enable people to experience the vastness, extremes, and beauty of the desert while positively impacting people, place, and planet. 


“Enable” is a critical word. At Erem, it means two things:

First, equipping people for the unique performance challenges that the desert magnificently presents. Like 110 during the day, and freezing the same night; miles of exposed and abrasive terrain punctuated with spikes and thorns; dehydration, unbroken wind, lack of shade, and more. 

Second, ensuring you don’t need to compromise your values to be outdoors in the desert. You shouldn’t need to wear plastic or pollutants if you want to gear up for these landscapes; it’s not good for you, and it’s not good for the desert. Climate change, depletion of natural resources, and the challenges facing indigenous communities are existential problems for all of us, and particularly so in the desert. Erem believes that what we sell and what you buy has an impact on these issues. So we set out to build a company 100% on the philosophy of “and.” 

What is the philosophy of “and” you ask? Good question. Desert performance and desert values. Timeless desert wisdom and modern innovation. Lightweight and durable. Thermal-regulating and abrasion resistant. Quick-dry and protective. Comfortable and better materials. Sustainable and enduring. Less resources and closed-loop. For and of the desert. And just the start—we aim for 100% regenerative and 100% co-located supply chains. Hopefully, you get the idea that the philosophy of “and” means being a desert enabler with a generational outlook and a daily urgency. In other words, we hate compromises and false choices. We say, have your desert and eat it too. 

Erem believes the desert demands and deserves its own outdoor wear company. If this resonates with you, join our community, drop us a line, or better yet, get out into the desert. 



P.S. “Erem” is a name we made-up and that derives from erimos, which = desert in Greek.  We love “Erem” because it has an allure, but isn’t soft, just like the desert.  


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