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We started Erem out of our love for the desert and belief that the desert deserves its own outdoor wear company. While Erem is a new business with a new approach, our history and roots go back a hundred years. 

Noah is the 4th generation of his family to work in the outdoor industry and has witnessed its evolution over the last few decades. While much has changed in the industry, Noah believes that one big thing has persisted: the need for uncompromising, desert performance gear. And so Erem was born.

Pete traces his love for the desert back to his geology field camp days in Big Bend National Park. He joins Erem after decades of designing products for leading outdoor brands. Pete is unequivocal: he left corporate life for a small startup because he is driven to establish a new industry standard—one that protects rather than jeopardizes the planet his children will inherit—while helping more people experience the transformative power of the desert.

Our team currently works remotely and is spread all over (although we are united in love for the desert). Drop us a line; we’d love to hear from you.

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